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Many patients I treat look for a beautiful, straight smile. But the idea of wearing prominent brackets and wires on their teeth is often a barrier to treatment.

Spark is inconspicuous. Using near-invisible plastic aligners, it’s possible to correct a range of alignment problems without putting up visible scaffolding on your smile.

Each Spark aligner is custom-made for your smile. The precision design allows your Spark aligner to apply gentle pressure to your teeth, gradually moving them to a more favourable position. The results speak for themselves: great-looking smiles all around!

Spark aligners are comfortable too. The scalloped and polished edge of the BPA-free aligner ensures your aligner is barely noticeable while you’re wearing it.

Spark aligners also work well with the innovative Dental Monitoring app. The smartphone app lets you send updates from home, so you can complete treatment with fewer review appointments in the clinic.


Your Spark Journey

Straightening your teeth using Spark is straightforward and non-invasive. Ahead of any treatment, we’ll chat about what you’d like to fix, and I’ll assess your smile.

During this initial consultation, I’ll take some digital 3D scans of your teeth and jaws. Using some fantastic software, I will show you how your smile will look if you choose Spark.

If Spark is right for you, your scans will go to the lab, where your custom aligners are made. Once your aligners are ready, you can begin treatment.

Your spark treatment will involve several stages. I’ll give you a new aligner to wear every couple of weeks. Your new aligner will have slight, barely noticeable differences from the last— but these slight changes add up gradually to smile perfection.

During your treatment, you can take your aligner out whenever necessary. This makes eating and brushing your teeth easy. And, cleaning your aligner is easy, too— so there’s no need to worry about food getting trapped in hard-to-reach areas.

I’ll monitor treatment remotely using Dental Monitoring. This easy-to-use home scanner and smartphone app lets you send detailed updates, resulting in fewer review appointments in the clinic.

Treatable Cases

Finding the proper orthodontic treatment for every patient is important to me. I aim
to match your clinical needs with your lifestyle and preferences.

Spark aligners help with:



Spark aligners gently give space to overcrowded teeth to balance and enhance your smile.



I can address cases where your upper teeth fit inside your lower teeth.


Deep Bite

If your top teeth overlap your lower teeth, Spark aligners can correct this.


Open Bite

I can use Spark to fix teeth that don’t meet when closed.



Using Spark, I’ll treat any upper front teeth that overhang the lower set.



It’s easy to become self-conscious of noticeable gaps between your teeth. I can gradually bring your smile back together with Spark.



When your lower teeth protrude further than your upper set, it can cause jaw problems. Spark aligners help fix the underbite and prevent issues like chewing difficulties, headaches, and tooth decay arising later.

Call to learn more about what Spark can do for your smile.

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Why Choose Spark?

Spark aligners are comfortable and subtle. You get the treatment you need without the distraction of fixed braces. Additionally, Spark aligners won’t interfere with your everyday lifestyle—especially if you provide updates from home with the Dental Monitoring app.

Your bespoke treatment is precisely worked out ahead using the latest software. Nothing is left to chance. Because I can treat many different orthodontic problems using Spark, its versatility makes it a popular choice among many patients. Best of all, you’ll start seeing results quickly.

I work with your facial structure and use micro aesthetics to create the perfect smile—and all of this is achieved with smile-preserving non-extraction dentistry techniques wherever as possible.

Meet My Happy Patients

A friendly team with modern equipment and plenty of options on offer…Emma describes her treatment with invisible Damon Braces from Gursh.

Before & After

Emily Wheatley reviewed on

Currently having orthodontic treatment with Gursh with clear fixed braces. Very professional service and very satisfied with result already. Also having hygienist appointments and my teeth are in amazing condition now.

Georgina Dexter reviewed on

So very pleased with all of my treatment. Super clean practice with very friendly staff. An amazing swift treatment plan with excellent results.

Isaac McKenzie reviewed on

I am a very nervous patient with an irrational fear of the dentist, today it felt calming and I felt understood. The options shared I genuinely felt were what will be best for me and I felt cared for.

F Meijer reviewed on

I chose Ascent Dental Care for my orthodontic treatment. I am generally a nervous patient, each appointment I’ve been made to feel at ease. An astetically pleasing smile is something that always felt unobtainable, after my initial consultation with Gursh I felt informed & confident that the treatment would provide the desired results…

Ros Fleming reviewed on

Very satisfied with the orthodontic treatment received by my granddaughter Sophie. All the staff are caring and professional.

Rach Cham reviewed on

Took my son here for braces. We’re absolutely blown away with how amazing the whole experience has been so far. Every single member of staff are so friendly, welcoming, helpful and kind. The practice is spacious and clean and has onsite parking. Appointments are really fast, no waiting months. They take their time with you and explain everything, no rushing, pressurising or negativity at all. I’d recommend to everyone who needs an amazing dentist/orthodontist.

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I’d like to help you realise the full potential of your new smile. With Spark, you’ll gain new confidence and sidestep several potential oral health problems. Call to learn more about what Spark can do for your smile.

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