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The Secret Behind Your Perfect Smile

Wearing visible braces isn’t for everyone. If the idea of exposed metal work puts you off addressing your orthodontic problems, there are other options. One solution is lingual braces.

Just like traditional fixed braces, lingual braces use metal brackets and wire to move your teeth to their perfect position, gradually.

But unlike the braces we know so well, lingual braces are discreetly hidden on the backs of your teeth.

“Lingual” means near the tongue— and this is where lingual braces work their hidden magic on your smile.


How do Lingual Braces Work?

Sometimes referred to as ‘hidden braces’, lingual braces work in much the same way as a traditional fixed brace. I’ll attach small brackets to the backs of each of your teeth. Then, I’ll run a wire through the brackets.

During your treatment, the tension in the wires will gradually move your teeth until your smile straightens. To achieve this, I’ll make minor adjustments to the wire throughout your treatment.

I carry out a full micro-aesthetic assessment to ensure your teeth aren’t just perfectly straight but also proportionate to the gums and other features of your smile. Additionally, I look at your smile in relation to your facial features and fine-tune your treatment to achieve a balanced result.

The Benefits of Lingual Braces

Lingual braces can help you build confidence in your smile. But a straighter smile doesn’t just look good in photos; your oral health will also benefit.

Reducing overcrowding decreases the risk of tooth decay by making it easier to clean the gaps in your teeth. Fixing bite problems can also prevent jaw, neck, and shoulder pain and even stop headaches.

The most apparent benefit of lingual braces is subtlety. Hidden behind your teeth, no one will will ever spot you are wearing braces, so you can smile with confidence throughout treatment.

Having a fixed brace also has its advantages over clear aligners. If you’re worried about forgetting to put your aligner in, having lingual braces fixed out of sight means you’ll never forget to wear them or have to visit Lost Property to find them!

Lingual braces are an effective treatment and can fix most misalignent and bite issues. Before committing to braces, I’ll carry out a full assessment to check they meet your dental and lifestyle requirements.


Are Lingual Braces
Right for You?

With all of the treatments I provide, it’s vital to match your needs with the strengths of the orthodontic. The almost invisible nature of lingual braces is definitely an attractive prospect for anyone who wants to hide signs of their treatment.

But lingual braces aren’t for everyone. Sometimes, this option isn’t well suited to specific bite issues. Don’t worry; in these cases, I can treat you using a different technique that meets your needs more effectively.

Meet My Happy Patients

A friendly team with modern equipment and plenty of options on offer…Emma describes her treatment with invisible Damon Braces from Gursh.

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Emily Wheatley reviewed on

Currently having orthodontic treatment with Gursh with clear fixed braces. Very professional service and very satisfied with result already. Also having hygienist appointments and my teeth are in amazing condition now.

Isaac McKenzie reviewed on

I am a very nervous patient with an irrational fear of the dentist, today it felt calming and I felt understood. The options shared I genuinely felt were what will be best for me and I felt cared for.

Georgina Dexter reviewed on

So very pleased with all of my treatment. Super clean practice with very friendly staff. An amazing swift treatment plan with excellent results.

F Meijer reviewed on

I chose Ascent Dental Care for my orthodontic treatment. I am generally a nervous patient, each appointment I’ve been made to feel at ease. An astetically pleasing smile is something that always felt unobtainable, after my initial consultation with Gursh I felt informed & confident that the treatment would provide the desired results…

Ros Fleming reviewed on

Very satisfied with the orthodontic treatment received by my granddaughter Sophie. All the staff are caring and professional.

Rach Cham reviewed on

Took my son here for braces. We’re absolutely blown away with how amazing the whole experience has been so far. Every single member of staff are so friendly, welcoming, helpful and kind. The practice is spacious and clean and has onsite parking. Appointments are really fast, no waiting months. They take their time with you and explain everything, no rushing, pressurising or negativity at all. I’d recommend to everyone who needs an amazing dentist/orthodontist.

Are You Ready for the Hidden
Magic of Lingual Braces?

Lingual braces give you the benefits of a fixed orthodontic treatment without visible signs across the front of your teeth. Get in touch today if you want to learn more about this subtle but effective teeth straightening method.

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