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Praise for Gursh

A friendly team with modern equipment and plenty of options on offer…Emma describes her treatment with invisible Damon Braces from Gursh.
Molly loved Gursh’s super discreet Damon braces. She followed her orthodontic treatment with bonding and whitening for a superb finishing touch.
Sonia works in the head office at Gursh’s Midlands-based Ascent Dental. She used the Dental Monitoring app throughout her Invisalign treatment and can’t wait to see the results!
With orthodontics, it’s all about options. Watch to discover why Andy decided discreet convenient Invisalign was the way to go.
Hannah and her hubby opted for Invisalign after emerging wisdom teeth impacted surrounding teeth. And using the Dental Monitoring app saved Hannah tons of time!
Invisalign treatment is easy, painless and hurdle-free. Watch the video to learn how Commonwealth athlete Heather got on with hers.
Charlotte had a lifelong fear of the dentist—but that was before meeting Gursh and opting for teeth straightening with Invisalign.
Lucy’s son Archie had problems with crowding and an overbite. Here she is, around halfway through Archie’s orthodontic journey, with some kind words for Gursh.
So good, caring and so professional
Isaac McKenzie reviewed on

I am a very nervous patient with an irrational fear of the dentist, today it felt calming and I felt understood. The options shared I genuinely felt were what will be best for me and I felt cared for.

Emily Wheatley reviewed on

Currently having orthodontic treatment with Gursh with clear fixed braces. Very professional service and very satisfied with result already. Also having hygienist appointments and my teeth are in amazing condition now.

Georgina Dexter reviewed on

So very pleased with all of my treatment. Super clean practice with very friendly staff. An amazing swift treatment plan with excellent results.

F Meijer reviewed on

I chose Ascent Dental Care for my orthodontic treatment. I am generally a nervous patient, each appointment I’ve been made to feel at ease. An astetically pleasing smile is something that always felt unobtainable, after my initial consultation with Gursh I felt informed & confident that the treatment would provide the desired results…

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