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Early Treatment for Effective Results

I’m acutely aware of the fact that many of the orthodontic problems experienced as adults wouldn’t be an issue if the right treatment was given earlier.

When people talk about braces and aligners, it’s easy to assume that they’re only helpful for teenagers. But that’s not the case. The seeds of many of the problems associated with adult teeth are sown during childhood, while children still have their baby teeth.

Excessive spacing between the teeth, overcrowding and bite issues can affect children as young as six, and these problems stay with them for life without intervention. The earlier a child’s orthodontic issues are treated, the easier and less invasive the process will be.

I offer a range of orthodontic treatment options for young children. With the right approach from a young age, I can set your loved-one on the path to a lifetime of confident, healthy smiles.


Early Orthodontics Consultations

The early years of your child’s life are some of their most important. Everything is developing. These formative years give us the best opportunity to set things straight and ensure they have beautiful smiles that last a lifetime.

If you have noticed the following signs in your child, a consultation with me will help:

Crooked or crowded teeth

Protruding teeth

Difficulties with chewing

Teeth grinding

Early or late loss of baby teeth

Thumb or finger sucking


Whether you’re aware of problems with the position of your child’s teeth or not, a checkup will mean I spot the early signs of misalignments and bite problems that could cause later oral health issues.

What Treatments Are Available?

Finding the proper treatment for every child is essential. I’ll suggest an orthodontic treatment that meets your child’s specific needs. Depending on the type of orthodontic problem and its severity, your child may have:


Wherever possible, I always practice non-extraction dentistry. When straightening a smile, I don’t just look at the teeth. I evaluate the jaw, and assess teeth alongside other facial features to ensure smiles remain in perfect balance and proportion as your child grows.


The Benefits of Children’s Orthodontics

Early orthodontic treatments prevent more complex problems later. Treatment while a child is still young allows jaw growth to be guided and ensures there is sufficient room for the adult teeth to emerge.

Addressing misalignments and bite issues makes it easier for your child to chew and prevents speech and breathing problems.

Crooked teeth often cause confidence issues, even in young children. Fixing your child’s smile will help their self-esteem levels grow.

Although treatment lengths vary depending on the severity of the case, some children may enjoy shorter correction times than an adult with a similar issue.

Meet My Happy Patients

Lucy’s son Archie had problems with crowding and an overbite. Here she is, around halfway through Archie’s orthodontic journey, with some kind words for Gursh.

Before & After

Ros Fleming reviewed on

Very satisfied with the orthodontic treatment received by my granddaughter Sophie. All the staff are caring and professional.

Rach Cham reviewed on

Took my son here for braces. We’re absolutely blown away with how amazing the whole experience has been so far. Every single member of staff are so friendly, welcoming, helpful and kind. The practice is spacious and clean and has onsite parking. Appointments are really fast, no waiting months. They take their time with you and explain everything, no rushing, pressurising or negativity at all. I’d recommend to everyone who needs an amazing dentist/orthodontist.

Emily Wheatley reviewed on

Currently having orthodontic treatment with Gursh with clear fixed braces. Very professional service and very satisfied with result already. Also having hygienist appointments and my teeth are in amazing condition now.

F Meijer reviewed on

I chose Ascent Dental Care for my orthodontic treatment. I am generally a nervous patient, each appointment I’ve been made to feel at ease. An astetically pleasing smile is something that always felt unobtainable, after my initial consultation with Gursh I felt informed & confident that the treatment would provide the desired results…

Isaac McKenzie reviewed on

I am a very nervous patient with an irrational fear of the dentist, today it felt calming and I felt understood. The options shared I genuinely felt were what will be best for me and I felt cared for.

Georgina Dexter reviewed on

So very pleased with all of my treatment. Super clean practice with very friendly staff. An amazing swift treatment plan with excellent results.

It’s Never Too Early

A lifetime of good oral health starts while a child is still young. If your child is affected by orthodontic issues or you’d like an early assessment, call to arrange a consultation today.

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