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Innovative Smartphone Dentistry

Orthodontics is a continuously-evolving field, and I’m always identifying innovations to improve the treatment process so that you get a better experience and enjoy the best possible results.

Dental Monitoring uses the latest artificial intelligence technology to turn your smartphone into a dental scanning device. Using images sent from your smartphone, I can monitor the progress of your Invisalign treatment remotely,

You probably already have the technology at your fingertips to make your journey to a straight smile smoother. With Dental Monitoring, your orthodontic treatment would involve fewer check-ups and communication between us will become more straightforward.


How Does Dental
Monitoring Work?

Using a special Dental Monitoring app, you’ll capture photos and videos of your smile that I’ll use to monitor your tooth movements. All you’ll need is a smartphone.

You can use the app from anywhere and at any time. This means you won’t need to take time out of your life to visit me as often. Once you’ve uploaded your images, they’ll be sent straight to me.

Once I get your images, I can evaluate whether you’re on track with your treatment goals. If your teeth are moving as planned, there’s no need for an appointment, and you can move on to the next stage of your treatment.

In addition to sending regular smile selfies, you can use the app to ask questions and respond to any feedback.

The Dental Monitoring app is easy to use. But I can talk you through how to use it before it’s time for your first scans.

The Benefits of Dental Monitoring

Dental Monitoring adds convenience to the treatment process. Using the app to regularly send through progress updates will mean fewer appointments. Taking and uploading photos and videos takes minutes, whereas coming to see me may eat heavily into your daily routine.

You can update me on your progress from anywhere. Whether you’re in school, at work, on holiday, or at home, you can upload your latest image instantly when it’s most convenient.

The regular updates you send through are a great way for you to see how your new smile is progressing. Seeing the change can keep you motivated and help to remind yourself why you’re getting the treatment.

When you send me an image weekly via the app, I’ll get more frequent opportunities to check on how your treatment is progressing. These regular updates improve the accuracy of your treatment and allow me to tweak the plan accordingly. In many cases, this improves the end result. Often, it even speeds up the treatment.

Having this simple communication tool at your disposal gives you the chance to ask questions whenever they arise. Just drop a message through the app, and I’ll get back to you.

A Smooth Treatment Process

Dental Monitoring improves your Invisalign treatment experience making it convenient and straightforward. Using this technology, together we’ll improve the accuracy of your treatment and create better results.

How it works

Gursh uses the Dental Monitoring app to keep a close eye on progress throughout treatment. Here’s how it works.

Meet My Happy Patients

Sonia works in the head office at Gursh’s Midlands-based Ascent Dental. She used the Dental Monitoring app throughout her Invisalign treatment and can’t wait to see the results!

Before & After

Isaac McKenzie reviewed on

I am a very nervous patient with an irrational fear of the dentist, today it felt calming and I felt understood. The options shared I genuinely felt were what will be best for me and I felt cared for.

Emily Wheatley reviewed on

Currently having orthodontic treatment with Gursh with clear fixed braces. Very professional service and very satisfied with result already. Also having hygienist appointments and my teeth are in amazing condition now.

F Meijer reviewed on

I chose Ascent Dental Care for my orthodontic treatment. I am generally a nervous patient, each appointment I’ve been made to feel at ease. An astetically pleasing smile is something that always felt unobtainable, after my initial consultation with Gursh I felt informed & confident that the treatment would provide the desired results…

Georgina Dexter reviewed on

So very pleased with all of my treatment. Super clean practice with very friendly staff. An amazing swift treatment plan with excellent results.

Ros Fleming reviewed on

Very satisfied with the orthodontic treatment received by my granddaughter Sophie. All the staff are caring and professional.

Rach Cham reviewed on

Took my son here for braces. We’re absolutely blown away with how amazing the whole experience has been so far. Every single member of staff are so friendly, welcoming, helpful and kind. The practice is spacious and clean and has onsite parking. Appointments are really fast, no waiting months. They take their time with you and explain everything, no rushing, pressurising or negativity at all. I’d recommend to everyone who needs an amazing dentist/orthodontist.

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